Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - March 5. 2020

March 5, 2020

1) Alex Trebeck posted a video this week sharing a milestone moment in his cancer battle. What game show does Alex host? 

2) Long before he was a household name, Ben Affleck had an uncredited role as "Basketball Player #10" in the 1992 movie versionof this movie that went on to become a legendary TV show starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. He literally had ONE line and it was cut. What was this movie turned TV show?

3) Shaq had to let his hairline grow out after losing a bet to Dwayne Wade. What worldwide cruise line does Shaq endorse...Carnival, Royal Carribean or Princess Cruise?

4) The release date for the latest James Bond movie has been postponed due to the corona virus. Who currently plays James Bond?  

5) "Weird Al" Yackovic will not be making light of the corona virus. He Tweeted, quote, "Yeah, no, sorry.  Not gonna do 'My Corona'." He does, however, have a song called "My Bologna."​  What was the name of the 1996 Weird Al parody song that copied Coolio's Gangsta Paradise? 

Play along below: