Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - March 17, 2020

March 17, 2020

1) Someone posted a video on Saturday of the crowded dance floor and bar at the Tennessee's capitol The Stage on Broadway. It didn't go over well. Maren Morris said the club is NOT a hero for staying open. What city is the Stage in...Nashville, or Memphis?

2) The corona virus spread is now interrupting true love. SO Let's play the Hi Lo Game. Dennis Quaid was forced to call postpone his wedding with his fiance who is 30 years Younger than he is. Is that too hi or too low?

3) Alez Trebek accidentally called "Jeopardy!" contestant Jessica Babbitt, Jessica RABBIT...who was a character from WHAT classic movie....need full title. 

4) On Sunday, Hollywood star-turned-politician Arnold Schwarzenegger casually fed his pet donkey and miniature pony in his kitchen as he asked people to consider the safety of those who, like him, are at a higher risk from the effects of the virus.  Tell me the name of the 1990 movie where Arnold said THIS....

5) Hugh Jackman tried to make a handwashing video, but people got mad at him for leaving the water running.​In HOW many movies did Jackman appear in Wolverine...7, 8 or 9?

Play along below: