Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - March 13, 2020

March 13, 2020

1) Remember how we were getting the oldest ever "Bachelorette"? Then let's play the Hi Lo game. More than half of her suitors are at least 7 years younger. Is that too Hi or Too Low? 

2) David Spade is also a HUGE Bachelor fan and made a hilarious appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live to break down the show. TRUE or FALSE....Spade was the youngest person ever cast on SNL. 

3) A new survey asked Americans who their favorite Superhero is...the top 3...in no particular order, were Spiderman, Batman and Superman. List the 3 from #1 to #3.

4) The NCAA announced that March Madness was cancelled this year due to the Corona virus. This will be the first time there hasn't been a champion in Men's Hoops since ....1929, 1935 or 1939? 

5) TV shows have also started to halt production of shows. Grey's Anatomy stopped production yesterday right in the middle of season # what?

Play along below: