Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - January 8, 2020

January 8, 2020

1) One of the best moments of The Golden Globes was Captain America himself helping fellow Avenger Scarlett Johannsen with the train of her dress. Which Avenger is Scarlett? Black Widow, Scarlet Witch or Nebula?

2) Christian Bale is in talks to join the cast of "Thor: Love and Thunder". There's no word who he'd play.​ This is not BAle's first time in a superhero movie. What HUGE superhero did Bale play in 3 movies?

3) One of the biggest breakout stars of the year in "Baby Yoda" who actually does have a name, which will be revealed on "The Mandelorian." Which shows on which streaming network?

4) The Austrailian bushfires are still a HUGE issue and the original lineup of this HUGELY popular Austrailian children's music group have reunited for a fundraiser benefit concert. What is this children's group's name? 

5) SNL alumn Bill Hader made the character Stefan HUGE on the show but now is a Golden Globe and Emmy nominated actor on what HBO original series where he plays the title character? 

Play along below: