Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - January 31, 2020

January 31, 2020
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1) This week we saw  things for Chase Rise get a little awkward on THe Bachelor, having to perform for an ex flame.   He also did one of those 6 Things to Know About Chase Rise for People magazine.  TRUE or FALSE:  Chase competed on Survivor in 2010.

2) Another "Lethal Weapon" movie  is in the works, with MEL GIBSON, DANNY GLOVER, and director Richard Donner returning.  No word on whether or not Joe Pesci will return as Leo Getz.  INCLUDING this movie...how many Lethal Weapons will there be?

3) Jessica Simpson admits she had a thing for JOHNNY KNOXVILLE while she was married to NICK LACHEY​.  WHat 2005 movie did Simpson and Johnny Knoxville star in tigether?

4) Sarah Gilbert celebrated her 45th birthday this week.  She is the creator and co-host of The Talk and a star on Roseanne which os now The Conner's.  What character does she play on The Conners?

5) A new Matilda movie is in the works based on the stage musical that came out in 2010.  Which popular actor played Matilda's dad in the orginal 1996 movie? 

Play along below: