Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - January 16, 2020

January 16, 2020

1) Despite Oscar talk....Adam Sandler was NOT nominated for his role in the critically acclaimed "Uncut Gems".  Actress Kathy Bates WAS nominated for her role in the movie Richard Jewell....and Adam sent her a nice "congratulations" note, which makes sense she played his character Bobby Boucher's "Momma" in what 1998 Sandler comedy?

2) LL Cool J celebrated his 52nd birthday this week. What does his name stand for Lululemon Cool James, Lady's Love Cool James or Loud Larry C. James?

3) Joker received 11 Oscar nominations this week and The Irishman scored 10.  What actor is in BOTH films?

4) 4 years ago this week, Alan Rickman passed away.  He was Hans Gruber in Die Hard and what Professor in Harry Potter?

5) A contestant on Family Feud CANADA got an answer hilariously wrong when asked what Popeye's favorite food is, but her mistake got her $10,000 in free fried chicken.  Popeye's Chicken's slogan is "Louisiana _____"?

Play along below: