Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - January 14, 2020

January 14, 2020

1) Jake Owen recorded a song about Bachelor contestant Hannah Brown and some are calling it a diss. It's called "Hannah Alabama". What state is Hannah B from?

2) SYFY is producing a television series based on that evil doll that comes to life in the movie "Child's Play." What's his name? 

3) The Kansas City Chiefs scored 41 answered points on Sunday to come back from 24 points to beat Houston 51 -31 and advance to the AFC Championship Game. The other teams that advanced were Green Bay, The Titans and The 49ers. Which team deserves a thank you note for eliminating the Patriots from the playoffs last week?

4) Kevin Hart is developing a TV series for NBC based on his 2018 movie "Night School". Who co-starred in "Night School" with him? 

5) Rush drummer Neal Peart died last Tuesday but we found out about it on Friday. In what 2009 movie features characters named Peter Klaven and his Sydney Fife who are potential best friends that bond over their love of Rush? 

Play along below: