Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - February 5, 2020

February 5, 2020

1) In the latest episode of Justin Bieber's YouTube series, he discusses his history with drugs, saying that things got so bad that members of his team would come in the middle of the night to check his pulse while he was sleeping. What was the name of the Justin Bieber movie that came out in 2011...was it Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, Always Say Never or Occasionally Say Never?

2) Every year The USA Today Ad Meter rates the Super Bowl commercial from best to worst rated. The AD this year with the highest rating was the Bill Murray Groundhog's Day commercial for what automotive company? 

3) A survey claims to have found the most popular 21st century romantic comedy in every state. Is the most popular Rom Com in California "The 40-Year-Old Virgin", 500 Days of Summer or Bridesmaids?

4) "Cosmo" pulled a cover that was supposed to feature "Bachelor" contestant Victoria Fuller, because she once posed in a White Lives Matter hat. Who was the last Bachelor before Peter the Pilot?

5) There's an interesting article about Oscar Nominees who started out on the Disney Channel. It seems that one of Oscar winner Emma Stone's first role was the voice of London Tipton's dog Ivana on what Disney Channel show that ran from 2005-2008?

Play along below: