Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - December 9, 2019

December 9, 2019

1) Taylor Swift released a Christmas themed song named "Christmas Tree Farm"  Taylor's family actually RAN a Christmas Tree Farm before Taylor became the meal ticket.  In what state is Taylor from...Tenessee, Pennsylvania or Alaska? 

2) We just wrapped up or St Jude radiothon last week.  Danny Thomas...the founder of St Jude has a daughter named Marlo Thomas who played the mother of Which Friend's character on that legendary show?

3) Rob Lowe says LOVES Christmas Trees and says that the secret to keeping a tree vibrant is half water/half 7Up.  What NBC sitcom did Rob co-star in with Nick Offerman?  

4) Disney released the live action trailer for Mulan.  Finish the lyric to THIS song from Mulan. 

5) Actress Paula Patton had a birthday last week.  She's the ex wife of singer Robin Thicke who is the son of late actor Alan Thicke.  Alan Thicke starred on Growing Pains playing Jason Seaver who worked from home.  What was his profession?

Play along below: