Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - December 4, 2019

December 4, 2019

1) Fans of THIS show have named "Scotts Tots" as the hardest episode of the series to watch, as Michael Scott has promised to pay college tuition to aspiring High school students, only to back out during an in class appearance .  'Scott's Tots" narrowly beat out the "Dinner Party" episode as the hardest episode to watch of WHAT classic show? 


2) The Eagles and The Doobie Brothers announced a special Cabo concert next May.  SO!  Let's play the Hi Lo game.  If you wanted to buy your self the best package at this weekend concert....It'll cost you $20,000 a person...flight NOT included.  Is that too hi or too low? 


3) A British psychic says George Michael and Michael Jackson have met up in Heaven and made music together.  Quote, "They have access to any instruments or equipment they may want."  Who died first?


4) Britney Spears sister Jamie Lynn Spears wished her sister a happy 38th birthday by posting an adorable throwback pic of the 2 of them.  What Nickolodean show did Jamie Lynn Spears star on from 2001-2008?


5) Actor Tom Welling was married over the weekend to his fiancée of 5 years.  Welling played Superman's Human alter ego Clark Kent in what WB/CW tv show that ran from 2001-2010? 


Play along and listen: