Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - December 20, 2019

December 20, 2019

1) Paris Hilton may have shaped pop culture in the early 2000s, but her sister was the one who came up with her iconic catchphrase.  Fill in the blank of that famous catchphrase. 


2) Brad Pitt recently spent his birthday with several of his kids.  SO....let's play the HI Lo Game!  Brad is 55 years old.  Is that Too hi or Too low?


3) The 10 most-watched primetime TV events of the past decade were all Super Bowls.  The most-watched TV episode of the decade was an episode of American Idol ...Undercover Boss...or This is US? 


4) Herman Boone...a famous highschool football coach passed away at age 84.  Coach Boone was played famously by Denzel Washington in what classic 2000 Disney movie?


5) USA Today has named the best TV show of the decade....was it Breaking Bad, The Americans or Game of Thrones?


Play along and listen below: