Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge at 9:25 - May 29, 2020

May 29, 2020
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1) Pay It Forward Live  debuted last night on Axis Tv and it feautured the Dave Matthews Band. Who is the lead singer of the Dave Matthews Band?  

2) Jennifer Garner pushed her cat around in a stroller  recently. Who was Jennifer Garner married to from 2005 to 2018? 

3) Michael Oher turned 34 yesterday. He's the football player who's life inspired the movie that Won Sandra Bullock an oscar in this 2009 movie that also starred Tim McGraw.  What is it?

4) Reese Witherspoon has let us know that she is having a HUGE problem home schooling her kids.  She is about to start filming Legally Blonde 3 where she plays whom? 

5) Elizabeth Banks and John Mitchell Higgins recreated their roles as as innaproprite judges in PiTch Perfect on a Zoom chat.  In the Movie Pitch Perfect what kind of group are the Barden Bellas?