Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge at 9:25 - May 27, 2020

May 27, 2020
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1) THIS Hall of Fame band is bringing back RANDY JACKSON from "American Idol". He was briefly their bassist in the '80s, and now he's being brought back. Who is this band?

2) A lot of people are upset that John Krasinski sold "Some Good News" to CBS.​ Which network aired The Office, the show that made him a star? 

3) Cardi B showed off a pic of her new tattoo that took 60 hours to complete. Cardi was JLo's co-star in what 2019 movie about strippers who rip off their Wall Street Clients?

4) A rhinestone-studded jockstrap owned by Elvis Presley is hitting the auction block. It's expected to go for $36,000. In what Southern state was Elvis born?

5) Tom Hanks presented the class of 2020 with a printable pandemic-themed diploma. Tom Hanks has been nominated for MANY Oscars. What 1988 movie earned him his first nomination?

Play along below: