Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge at 9:25 - June 3, 2020

June 3, 2020
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1) Vanessa Bryant shared a picture of her late husband Kobe wearing an "I Can't Breathe" shirt with the caption "Spread Love." What NBA team did Kobe play his entire career with? 

2) Chrissy Teigen donated 200,000 dollars to help bail out peaceful protestors. Chrissy started off as a swimsuit model for what famous magazine's Swimsuit edition?

3) San Diegan Shaun White's Girlfriend Nina Dobrev, from Perks of Being a Wallflower and the Vampire Diaries gave him a haircut on Instagram. What Olympic Sport is Shaun a 3X Gold Medalist in? 

4) Ice Cube cancelled his appearance on Good Morning America regarding what's happening, saying "I'm in no mood telling America Good Morning."  Name the movie about the legendary rap group he was a part of back in the day.  

5) Tom Hanks' uniform from "A League of Their Own is on the auction block. In that movie about a Professional Female Baseball team, which actress played  Centerfielder "All The Way" Mae Mordabito?

Play along below: