Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - April 7, 2020

April 7, 2020

1) Over the weekend the streamiing Network that aired the global sensation "Tiger King" announced that they have a new episode of the documentary in the works and it'll be ready within days. What streaming network gifted us "Tiger King"?

2) Count Adam Sandler anh Jennifer Aniston as celebrities who are doing good things during the Cornoa virus outbreak. Aniston provided nurses with postmate gift cards and Sandler took part in an on line comedy event that raised a bunch of money.  Sandler and Aniston have starred in several movies together. Of the following, what is NOT a collaboration between the two? Just Go With It...Murder Mystery or 50 First Dates? 

3) The executive producers behind "The Office" are developing a new workplace comedy . . . about people who work from HOME.  ​Which major network aired the The Office for its entire 9 seasons? 

4) There's been a list posted of some popular movies dealing with social distancing and people forcred to be alone.  One of those movies was THIS Netflix original starring Sandra Bullock where people must stay blindfolded to avoid a post apololyptic supernatural power that drives people to suicide if they see it. What's it called? 

5) Sunday night Eric Church debuted a new song on "ACM Presents" Our Country" which featured at home performances from all your favorite artists.  What is Eric Church's nickname? 

Play along below: