Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - April 29, 2020

April 29, 2020

1) The co-director of The Avengers revealed that Spiderman would tbe the Avenger he would most like to be quarantined with. Tom Holland currently plays Spiderman. How many STAND ALONE Spidey movies has Holland been the star of? 

2) Sarah Silverman is one of many celebrities that have signed a petition asking Congress to sign the Big Cat Public Safety Act . . . the legislation that CAROLE BASKIN was backing on "Tiger King." Which Late night host named Jimmy was Silverman romatically attached to on and off from 2002-2009. Kimmel or Fallon?

3) If you're a high school or college senior, I have good news for you: Oprah is giving your commencement speech. So are Awkwafina, Jennifer Garner and others. It's a special event that will appear on Facebook Watch​. Miley Cyrus will be performing her famous song The Climb, that first apopeared in Miley's Hannah Montana movie. What was is the movie called?

4) White Tiger Attack Survivor Roy of Sigfired and Roy has the corona virus but his rep says he's responding nicely to treatment. What is Roy's last name?

5) Actress Melissa McCarthy revealed to Ellen that she's dreamt that Actor Mark Wahberg lived in her hourse and was a very tidy roomate. Both actors are Best Supporting Actor Oscar nominees. McCarthy for her legendary role in "Bridesmaids" and Wahlberg for his role in which Scorcese movie?

Play along below: