Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - April 28, 2020

April 28, 2020

1) Angelina Jolie wrote an essay for "Time" magazine that might be exactly what some parents need to hear right now: Don't try to be perfect, because it's IMPOSSIBLE. Jolie has six kids with her super famous ex-husband. Who is he?

2) American Idol aired their first remote episode and Katy Perry critiqued the artists dressed as a huge bottle of hand sanitizer. What is the number one sellling hand sanitizer in the world, which is pretty much impossible to find right now? 

3) Showtime aired the series finale of their super popular show "Homeland" over the weekend. In that show Claire Danes stars as a member of which government agancy?

4) Reality star Kristin Cavallari and former Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler are getting divorced. They've been together for 10 years and have three young kids​ and they ALSO had their won reality show called Very Cavallari that aired on what network?

5) Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger are expecting their first child.​ Tell me the name of Pratt's character in ​the Jurassic World movies.

Play along below: