Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - April 27, 2020

April 27, 2020

1) SNL aired another at home episode on Saturday Night...this is the scond time they have done this during our home quarantine. The first one aired a few weeks ago and the surprise host was THIS multiple Oscar winner who is basically considered America's most beloved actor. Name him.

2) Jennifer Garner says she can't wait for her kids to be able to, quote, "have a big, old germy sleepover and just be kids." Name the Oscar winner Batman actor that was married to and has kids with.

3) Val Kilmer admits in his new book that he begged producers for a part in the "Top Gun" sequel.  Kilmer WILL be back portraying Cruise's rival whose nickname was what?

4) Elijah Wood randomly popped into a woman's "Animal Crossing" game. Name the character that Elijah played in Lord of the Rings.

5) A scripted "Parks & Rec" special will air Thursday, with pretty much the whole cast returning.  They'll all be shooting from their homes, of course​. In that show...what STATE is their home?

Play along below: