Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - April 23, 2020

April 22, 2020
1) Ellen Pompeo had enough over the weekend of TV doctors like Dr. Phil, Dr Oz and Dr. Drew, calling them "out of touch" for spreading controversial opinions in regards to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Ellen plays Dr. Meredith Grey on what long running tv medical drama? 
2) 8 year old Blue Ivy Carter posted a video on the importance of washing your hands. Who are Blue Ivy's parents? 
3) There have been some creative issues with the reboot of this Hillary Duff tv show that ran from in 2001 to 2004 on the Disney Channel.  The show also spawned a movie.  What was the show called? 
4) Hugh Jackman revealed that he turned down a role in the movie CATS. Who did Jackman play in The Greatest Showman? 
5) Cole Sprouse is so over the speculation about his personal life. The Roverdale star took to his Instagram story overnight to address rumors involving his relationship status with Kaia Geber. Cole and his brother Dylan got their  start in what classic 1999 Adam Sandler movie? 
Play along below: