Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - April 17, 2020

April 17, 2020

1) Jeff Bezos lost 36 BILLION dollars in his divorce settlement last year...but appararently, he's already made most of it back...in fact he's already made almost 25 Billion dollars in 2020 alone...mainly because the online shopping website he created's stock is SOARING!!!!  What did he found? 

2) Fox has a new show coming next month called "Labor of Love" which is basically the Bachelorette, only with a woman who's looking for a baby daddy. What network airs The Bachelorette?

3) Lindsay Lohan has decided to return to movie making and says she dreams about being a part of Mean Girls 2...which of course would be the sequel to the CLASSIC 2004 comedy Mean Girls where Lindsay plays whom? 

4) SNL alumni Will Forte and his Girlfriend are engaged to be married. Name the SNL skit and movie where Forte plays a MacGuyver parody where the bomb he's trying to de-activate always blows up at the end. What's it called? 

5) Actor Tom Hardy is another artist doing good things to help out during this crazy time. Hardy played the Villian in the Christian Bale Batman movie "The Dark Knight Rises"...what was his name? 

Play along below: