Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - April 15, 2020

April 15, 2020

1) More stories of celebs doing good things in the wake of the corona virus. Ryan Seacrest donated a million dollars to relief effort in LA and NYC. What is the name of the talent show that Seacrest has hosted since 2002? 

2) Disney + censored Darryl Hannah's nude butt in the classic Tom Hanks movie "Splash" by digitally making her hair longer. Hannah plays what type of mythical character in the movie Splash? 

3) The latest Instagram account of this hugely popular boy band has stirred up rumors that Harry, Liam, Nile, Louis and maybe even Zayn, will reunite for the bands 10th anniversary. What is the name of this band? 

4) Brad Pitt appeared on the debut of Jonathan and Drew Scott's new HGTV show "Celebrity IOU" which premiered Monday. The Scott Brothers are also known as THIS which is also the name of their HGTV show that debuted in 2011?

5) Liam Hemsworth has to rethink his Vegan diet after some of the things he was eating gave him kidney stones. Liam is Chris' brother who plays Thor. What was the name of 2013 sequel to Thor? 

Play along below: