Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - April 13, 2020

April 13, 2020

1) Rumor has it that Macaulay Culkin has signed on to do a "cameo" in the upcoming Disney+ "Home Alone" reboot . . . and that Disney had to shell out $3.1 Million  to land him.  What was Caulkin's fisrt name in Home Alone? Kevin, Jackson or Leo?

2) Actress Tiffany Thiesen has taken to  Instagram to share her recipe for home made creme eggs, the Easter candy that was made popular by what candy company?

3) A "Tiger King" follow-up show hosted by JOEL MCHALE hit Netflix on Sunday.  It's called "The Tiger King and I", and included new interviews with several stars from the series.​ Tell me the name of the show that McHale hosted on E! form 2004-2015. 

4) Hulu has taken many complaints about the subtitles being distracting for some American viewers who are trying to watch THIS MOVIE...which was the first South Korean film to ever take home an Oscar for best picture when it won in February. What's it called?

5) Actor Jack Black took to HIS instagram account to sing and share the Passover song hahd-gode-yah. Tell me the name of the the substitute teacher Jcak Black PRETENDED to be in his classic movie "School of Rock"? 

Play along below: