Liz Devins From Carlsbad Talks About Why She Continues To Support St. Jude Even After The Passing Of Her Daughter

Just ONE of the reasons to become a Partner In Hope!

December 6, 2019
St. Jude John and Tammy

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is making sure that no child dies of catastrophic diseases. Including children HERE in San Diego. 

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Meet Liz Devins. She is just ONE of the reasons John and Tammy do what they do for St. Jude. Her daughter Claire would've been 15 years old this week. The last birthday she celebrated with her daughter was when she was 6 year old and Liz believes that she would've wanted her to do is to bring positivity and optimism on her special day. Which is why Liz joined John and Tammy this morning on her daughter's birthday to talk about the amazing work St. Jude did for her daughter and CONTINUES to do for so many other children in the country and WORLD. Listen below to hear Liz's story and become a Partner In Hope by callings 1-800-345-4673, text KSON to 785833 or click HERE