Hornblower Whale Watching Report - July 29-August 1, 2016

The lastest Hornblower Cruises & Events Whale & Dolphin Sighting Report

August 2, 2016

The Blue Whale is the largest animal that has ever lived. Bigger even than the largest dinosaur. And their migration is going on now! Hornblower Cruises & Events Whale Watching Adventures depart daily Friday - Monday.


August 1st, 2016
1 minke whale, 100+ common dolphins

We traveled way out west to find one mike whale. The whale kept poking his face out of the water so we could see the white on his chin and throat pleats. That combined with scattered common dolphins on the way in and out and perfect weather made for a really nice morning.


July 31st, 2016
500+ common dolphins, no baleen whales, 2 hammerhead sharks

Although we had calm seas and an abundance of sunshine, we didn't spot any baleen whales today. We did enjoy watching 500+ common dolphins and 2 hammerhead sharks.


July 30th, 2016
1 humpback whale, 25+ common dolphins

It was a beautiful sunny morning! As we headed out we enjoyed the beautiful views of the San Diego Harbor and the great narration that Hornblower provided. It was so nice being out on the water as we headed out to the nine mile bank. But it was not until the way back about 3 miles from Point Loma that we spotted our whale! It was a juvenile humpback whale that gave us plenty of blows and liked showing us his back and fin. But the exciting thing was after a dive he popped up about 25 feet from the boat! Everybody was thrilled to see him and hear him breathe so close to the boat. At the same time Captain Joe noticed some common dolphins in the near distance. He moved the boat a little closer to the 25 or so Common Dolphins and they came over to visit our boat. All the cameras were snapping and the people laughing and smiling from ear to ear. A great Saturday on the water!


July 29th, 2016
2 blue whales, 300+ common dolphins

We traveled way out west to find one juvenile blue whale, got really good views of this curious little guy that spent a lot of time on the surface. On the way out we saw more than 300 common dolphins scattered around the area, just before we headed back in we spotted another taller spout and found our second blue whale which was a full-sized adult. Got a couple looks at it before it sunk down and disappeared on us. Overall a great morning!


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