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From Harmed To Healed: A Feel-Good Story

Tina & Turner get a new lease on life

September 24, 2018

Rancho Santa Fe, Calif.  (Sept. 24, 2018) – Two tiny and furry fighters are getting a new chance at life thanks to the dedicated actions of animal rescue workers and several weeks of rest and healing.  In late July, Tina and Turner, (kittens – a black female and a gray male) were discovered, near Anaheim, with burns covering the majority of their bodies.  A local cat and kitten rescue, and Helen Woodward Animal Center rescue partner, was called to retrieve the pair and rushed them to an emergency veterinarian.  Now the two bonded friends are ready to move forward with a happy ending to their nearly fatal story.

© Helen Woodward Animal Center
As with most orphan pets, Tina and Turner’s early life is one filled with mystery.  The kittens, who are not siblings, were found crouched together suffering from extensive burns.  They were missing large patches of fur and their skin was inflamed and raw. Their eyes were covered in thick discharge and they could barely move their limbs.  Thanks to the quick actions of the Los Angeles area rescue, the pair was soon receiving treatment but they had a long road ahead.  Over the next month, Tina and Turner were treated with ointments, medicated baths and antibiotics, healing their tiny bodies and slowly but surely the two regained strength.    When the kittens were ready for the next stage of their recovery, a call was placed to Helen Woodward Animal Center.

“We have no idea whether the burns were chemical, or if someone intentionally tried to set the kittens on fire,” stated Helen Woodward Adoption Care Supervisor Tracy Woodworth.  “We do know that whatever happened to them was terrible and we have been happy to provide them a safe place as they continue to heal.”

Now, these best friends who have been through thick and thin together have a new lease on life. Their personalities have flourished. Tina is a sweet girl whose curiosity is easily peaked. Turner is growing fast and likes getting his paws on anything that resembles a toy. Their next big adventure awaits – adoption.   Thanks to caring rescuers, medical staff and life-saving transfers, loving pets like Tina and Turner have the chance to change their destiny, live happy lives and bring joy to others for years to come. 


Helen Woodward Animal Center is asking that the pair be adopted together.  For information on adopting Tina and Turner, please contact Helen Woodward Animal Center’s Adoption Department at 858-756-4117, ext. 1, or

For those who would like to donate to medical care for pets like Tina and Turner, please contact Helen Woodward Vice President of Development at (858) 756-4117 x 347 or at