'Friends of Balboa Park' Look To Acquire Historic Carousel

July 26, 2017

It's National Carousel Day today (Tuesday, July 25) so what better day to mention the effort by Friends of Balboa Park to fully acquire and restore the beautiful and historic carousel in the park.

The $3 Million capital campaign will enable Friends of Balboa Park to complete the purchase, launch a comprehensive restoration effort, and establish a healthy maintenance fund for the carousel.

From the Friends of Balboa Park carousel project Mission Statement:

In July 2017, Friends of Balboa Park became the new owner of the historic Balboa Park carousel, a landmark feature that has contributed to the park’s world-renowned heritage.  Friends is now working to ensure this extraordinary 1910 Herschell-Spillman carousel remains the beloved icon it’s been known for since becoming a permanent fixture in Balboa Park in 1922.  Friends’ mission – to “preserve Balboa Park’s legacy for future generations through park-wide projects” – makes the operation and preservation of the carousel one of our highest and most noble initiatives.

For more information and a form you can use to make a donation, visit the Friends of Balboa Park web site here.