Video: Woman Crashes Ex's Wedding Wearing a Bridal Gown

April 12, 2019

Love makes people do crazy things, take, for example, this incident in China where a woman crashed her ex-boyfriend's wedding, WEARING A WEDDING DRESS.

A video of the incident quickly went viral.

The New Zealand Herald reports that the woman stormed the ceremony as the couple was about to finalize their vows. What a crazy scene.

In the video, the ex-girlfriend can be seen on her knees in a bridal gown, pleading with the groom. The groom physically extricates himself from his ex’s grasp while trying to sooth his bride.

Honestly, the bride handles it pretty well. It takes her about two minutes to storm out of her own wedding, but she doesn’t punch anyone in the face, so good for her.

Moral of this story? If you’re thinking of crashing your ex’s wedding, don’t.