Olive Garden Introduces Never Ending Stuffed Pasta

We gained 10 lbs just writing this article.

January 29, 2019



Olive Garden just dropped a carb bomb on us - Never-ending stuffed pasta. 

The chain's new promotion lets guests choose from four stuffed pastas to pair with a choice of four sauces and five toppings. The bowl is never-ending, and whatever is in your bowl that you can't finish, you're welcome to take home.

Since there's no time limit, you could, technically, draw out the moment, eating pasta from the moment the restaurant opens to the moment they close or till you pass out from food coma. 

The deal includes cheese ravioli, asiago tortelloni, mushroom ravioli, and ziti fritta. 

Just to be extra, neverending breadsticks and salad are also included.

Guests have until March 31st to take advantage of the deal. 

Don't miss your last chance to grab the cheesiest, meltiest, gooiest Oven Baked Pastas. Come grab one today!

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