Cole Swindell Talks Stagecoach with John and Tammy

February 1, 2019

During a three-day festival, one of the best sets to have might be the on the first day, opening for the headliner, which is when Stagecoach artist Cole Swindell will hit the stage opening for Luke Bryan. 

The audience is still fresh, not too wrecked on music and moonshine. Swindell, like the rest of us, has a star on his calendar to mark the days till Stagecoach. 


"Not even tour enouncements get the same reaction as Stagecoach," Swindell told John and Tammy, "It was one of the coolest things I saw on social media, when people found out I was playing Stagecoach."

The artist opened up to Tammy about pre-game plans (shots of Sugerlands moonshine, of course) and who his guilty pleasure artist is (Don't break his heart, his achy breaky heart.)

Watch the video above for the full interview.