Stagecoach Tips with Amber

January 25, 2019

Hey, Amber here from KSON. With Stagecoach right around the corner, I've teamed with L.A. Family Blogger, Charlene Ross to give you some Stagecoach tips to make your experience awesome. 

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Take Monday off. Seriously.

Okay, first and foremost, Stagecoach is a three-day music festival in Indio. It starts on Friday, ends on Sunday but you're definitely gonna wanna plan on coming home on Monday. So take work off on Monday if possible because Jason Aldean doesn't hit the stage till late Sunday night and you're not gonna wanna drive home after that.

So what should you bring to Stagecoach to wear? 

Well, I have a few suggestions. First of all, it's a country festival so you're gonna wanna bring your cowboy boots. However, my tip for you is to make sure they're not new ones. Make sure they're cowboy boots that you have broken-in already because there's nothing worse than getting blisters and sores on your feet from new cowboy boots. You're not gonna wanna deal with that all weekend long. 

Now Stagecoach it is pretty fashionable. So I would suggest wearing something you feel good in, that is comfortable. 

Of course, bring a cowboy hat (or two) but DON'T wear a romper. 

There are porta potties at Stagecoach and we all know, trying to go to the bathroom in a porta potty, with a romper on is NOT an easy feat.  

It is Indio which means it's the desert so it's gonna be hot so bring tank tops, shorts, sundresses.  All those look cute with cowboy boots so can't go wrong with that. 

You may wanna bring a pair of jeans to throw in your backpack as well because it does kinda get chilly at night. 

Don't breathe in all the dust.

One of the most important accessories in my opinion to bring is the Bandana.   It gets really windy and dusty especially at night and you don't wanna be inhaling dust all night long.  So bring a bandana.  They're super cute, everyone wears them and it beats eating dust.  

Hydration is key.  Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. 

It's the desert, people are drinking, you're out all day in the sun.  Be sure to stay hydrated all day long.   My girlfriends and I like to bring those little packets that you dump into your waterbottles that have added electrolytes and vitamins.  Those are really great to help you stay hydrated and they also help with hangovers.


What can I bring in my backpack?

Medium sized backpacks are allowed in the venue but they can get pretty hot so I would suggest bringing one of those stringed backpacks, you know what I'm talking about?  They're light and they fit a lot in there as well. 

Put some sunscreen in that backpack. I would also suggest putting sunscreen on prior to entering the venue because sometimes security will take your sunscreen away.

Also, your bandana should go in there.  

An empty water bottle. Your cellphone.  A cellphone charger.  Maybe even a backup battery for your phone.  Cash, credit card, debit cards and of course your license.  


Get the Stagecoach app!

Now Stagecoach actually has an app that you can get on your phone, which is really cool.  With the app you can try to plan your day out a little bit better.  It gives you the showtimes and stages for all the artist that are playing and a map of the venue.


Have FUN!!

Finally, just be prepared to have a blast.  A weekend filled with amazing country music, delicious food, awesome merchandise and just an overall amazing experience being a part of the country community. 


Those are my tips for Stagecoach 2019, I am Amber and I will be seeing you there!


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