Her Fiancé Dumped Her, So She Lost 112 Pounds Then Won the Miss Great Britain Pageant!

February 29, 2020

Jen Atkin, a 26 year old from Great Britain was engaged to a guy back in 2015, until he dumped her when she gained weight.   She got up to 238 pounds, mostly from bad eating habits.  After getting dumped Jen decided to get in shape, joined a gym, lost 112 pounds, and then WON the tite of Miss Great Britain!!!!  (Which by the way is the U.K. equivalent of the Miss America pageant)!

She also won "Best  Personality" and says that was kind of her secret weapon.  Jen said, "Although my body has changed so much, I don't think my personality has.  And I think that's really helped me."   

She's dating someone new now and says getting dumped ended up being the best thing that ever happened to her.  

Less than 6 weeks until the @missgb_official finals - the 75th Anniversary final -- what an incredible honour to be part of such a huge event! What’s my story? Well, after years of being obese, unhealthy and uncomfortable I found motivation and managed to lose 8 stone. It transformed me into an ambitious and hard working person in all areas of my life; achieving something so incredible changed my mindset and made me realise if I worked hard enough for something, I could achieve it. Believe in yourself, put the hard work in, stay positive and make your own dreams a reality ✨ #motivation #weightloss #transformation #missgbfinalist #begreat #hardwork #misslincolnshire #beautyqueen #misconception #happiness #health #healthybodyhealthymind

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