National Day of Unplugging - Hinge dating app will give you $100 to go on a date and not use your phone.

March 5, 2020

National Day of Unplugging is on March 6th and the dating app, Hinge is celebrating!  

Hinge users that meet up with someone on March 6 and don't use the Hinge app for 24 hours can get $100 for a date. The app will give out a total of $25,000 .

How it works:

1. Set up a date on Hinge and on March 6 at 1pm PT.

2.  Open the app and hit the option to pause your account. (It'll have to be paused for a full 24 hours).

3.  After the full 24 hours, fill out a form at and respond to your "we met" survey before 9pm PT. on March 8th.