SweetHearts, Valentines Day


Conversation Hearts Are Back This Valentine's Day . . . 97% of Them are Blank or Screwed Up

February 11, 2020

Sweethearts conversation hearts are back on sale this year!  (They disappeared last year when the company behind them switched owners).   BUT they're not REALLY back.

Their new owners, the Spangler Candy Company, admitted last month that there would be some hearts this year that came out blank or with messed up messages on them because the printer for the hearts BROKE and couldn't be repaired in time.

But the situation is WAY WORSE than we thought!

A candy company opened 10 boxes of conversation hearts and found that:

3% of them actually look good, with a clear message printed in the right spot

65% were blank

8% had a partial print

24% had unintelligible markings