College Students Wanted Chick-fil-A . . . So They Bought a Plane Ticket to Get Access to One in an Airport

February 25, 2020

This is GENIUS!!!!!!!  


The small city of Troy, New York nor its neighboring city of Albany have a single freestanding Chick-fil-A.    The closest Chick-Fil-A is 68 miles to Chicopee, Massachusetts or 76 miles to the one in Enfield, Connecticut.   While the area lacks Chick-fil-A locations, the Albany airport houses a mini Chick-fil-A behind the TSA checkpoint.  To get past the TSA Checkpoint and to purchase some Chick-fil-a, members of RPI's cross country/track and field team scrounged up $5.50 each to buy a plane ticket!!!  They purchased a ticket for $98 ticket to Fort Lauderdale, Florida—the cheapest they could find.   Instead of jumping on the plane to Florida, one of the kids headed to the Chick-fil-A to get some grub for everyone on the team.  He ordered $227.28 worth of food, including 15 sandwiches, 15 orders of fries, and exactly 156 chicken nuggets. Once he was done with his order, he left the airport and fed his friends.

SO GREAT!!!!!! 

Check out the pictures of their Chick-Fil-A buying experience!!