America's Favorite Girl Scout Cookies are....

February 20, 2020

It's Back!!!! 

Girl Scout Cookie Time!!!

If you haven't bought yours yet this year, maybe it's time you should. . . there are just three flavors everyone wants, and you don't want those to sell out before you get around to buying some!!


A new survey asked people to name their favorite type of Girl Scout Cookies...

The top three are:  Thin Mints, which got 24% of the vote , Samoas at 16% and Tagalongs at 10%.

(That means those three cookies got HALF of the votes while the other eight cookies split the rest).


Trefoils, a.k.a. Shortbread - 7%,

Caramel Chocolate Chip -  6%,

Do-si-dos - 5%

S'mores - 3%

This year's new cookie Lemon-Ups got 3%, Lemonades got 3%, Thanks-a-Lot got 1% and Toffee-tastic got 1%.