The horses racing at the 2019 Kentucky Derby

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Crappy Art: An Artist Is Selling Preserved Poop from a Kentucky Derby Winner

May 6, 2019

The 2019 Kentucky Derby ended in controversy as heavy favorite Maximum Security was disqualified following the race, leaving 65-1 longshot Country House as the Derby winner. That means that the payout for a winning ticket on Country House was $132.40. That, as it turns out, is almost enough to buy your own piece of Kentucky Derby history—a very particular piece of Kentucky Derby History.

Kentucky for Kentucky, a company that is always finding creative ways to promote the Bluegrass State wants to introduce you to Derby Turds. The name more or less says it all. For $200 you can buy a jar that contains leavings from a former Derby champion, which have been preserved (thankfully) in resin by Kentucky artist Coleman Larkin.

A post shared by Kentucky For Kentucky (@kentuckyforkentucky) on describes the “crappy” works of art this way: “Equal parts art and novelty, these gorgeous nuggets of digested Kentucky bluegrass whatever else horses eat were daringly harvested by the artist himself fresh from the haunches of legendary 1997 Kentucky Derby winner Silver Charm at Old Friends Farm in Georgetown, KY.” A portion of the proceeds from all preserved fecal sales will go to Old Friends Farm, which is a Kentucky nonprofit dedicated to helping Thoroughbreds have long, happy retirements when their racing days are done.

Current supplies of Larkin and Silver Charm’s hard work are limited, but since the horse is still living a happy life on the farm, this seems like a resource that could be replenished without too much trouble.

Derby Turds are available in the Kentucky for Kentucky shop in Lexington and on