boxes of capri sun at a grocery story

Tim Boyle

You Can Get a Swimsuit that Looks Just Like a Capri Sun Pouch in Time for Summer

May 3, 2019

As Justin Timberlake reminds every year around this time, it is May. That means that bathing suit season is closing in and fast. And for all you grown-up kids there’s some new summer fashion that will keep you swimming in nostalgia all season long, quite literally.

Los Angeles clothing brand Public Space is out with their latest swimsuit line for the year and features none other than your favorite childhood afterschool beverage, Capri Sun. Trunks for men and a one piece for women are printed to look like a pouch of Pacific Cooler (we were strawberry kiwi people ourselves, but you can’t be too picky about these sorts of things). Bring a bowl full of orange slices and it’s like the end of every 7th grader’s soccer game.

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Even better, the suits are on sale. They’re normally $59.50 but are currently discounted to $49.50.

This isn’t the first or only time Public Space has dipped its toes into the waters of ‘90s throwback fashion. Last summer the company went viral with its (now sold out) La Croix swimwear line. And right now Public Space features entire sections on ‘90s soda like Arizona Iced Tea and Crystal Pepsi (the memories of middle school lunches are flooding back) and retro tech like Windows 95 (we’re happy to leave that one back in the ‘90s).

But if you’re looking for a kitschy throwback for summer pool parties and beach days go score one a suit ASAP. If this is anything like last summer, they’ll probably sell out soon.