3 Cocktails to Make This St. Patrick's Day

March 15, 2019

When it comes to drinks for St. Patrick’s Day one thing comes to mind: beer. Maybe Guinness, maybe green, always by the pint. But St. Patty’s Day can be a reason to imbibe a wide variety of potent potables. Irish whiskey comes to mind, but so do fresh ingredients that conjure images of just-picked green shamrocks. We caught up with Robin Jaffe, one of the expert bartenders at the Park Avenue Tavern who shared a few of the cocktails she thinks are worth ditching the stouts and ales for this St. Patrick’s Day.


Park Avenue Irish Coffee

If you aren’t lucky enough to live in warmer climes, St. Patrick’s Day falls in that tough spot when longer days trick you thinking it’s already spring despite the fact that the thermometer still reads 38. A rich Irish coffee can carry you right through the meh weather and Jaffe’s is dressed up with salted honey and mint whipped cream.


1.5 oz of Slane Irish Whiskey

0.25 oz of Salted Honey

6 oz of Coffee

Mint Whipped cream


Combine the whiskey, salted honey and coffee in a glass and stir to combine. Top with mint whipped cream to serve.

Kilkenny Gimlet

A gimlet is almost annoyingly easy to make—three simple ingredients, shake, done. That means that even a cocktail novice can make a batch for a party, impress the heck out of everyone there. Jaffe’s though has an extra fresh pop in the form of cucumbers for the green holiday.


2 oz of Spring 44 Vodka

0.75 Lime

0.75 Simple

3 muddled cucumber slices


Combine ingredients in a shaker, shake and strain. Garnish with a cucumber slice.



Ah the grasshopper. At least one of these cocktails had to be green, and this is it. It gets a bit of a bad rap for being one of the power players during the cocktail dark ages of the ‘90s and early ‘00s, but if you just think of it as a sort of boozy milkshake it suddenly becomes much more acceptable to drink.


1 oz Cream de Menthe

1 oz Cream de Cacao

2 oz Heavy Cream

Top with salted chocolate


Combine ingredients in a shaker, shake hard and strain into a glass. Top with salted chocolate to serve.