Miley Cryus Hasn't Stopped Listening To The Eagles Since Her Grandmother Passed Away

The artist pays tribute to 'Mammie' and rock royalty

September 2, 2020

Miley Cyrus is digging into musical achieves to mourn the recent death of her grandmother, Loretta “Mammie” Finley. She tells BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge The Eagles have been on repeat since her grandmother’s passing, last month.

“We've had the Eagles on repeat because that was my Mammie's favorite record, she loved the Eagles," she said. "The Eagles have been a big inspiration for me and it's about giving that respect to the people that have passed down music that made us who we are.”

The “Midnight Sky” singer gave tribute to Mammie’s legacy performing the 1975 classic “Take It to the Limit,” one of The Eagles most memorable songs. "'Take It to the Limit' is a song that my mom and her mom sang in the car every day on the way to school."

Cyrus recounted the emotional moment she learned Mammie had passed. “I was in glam getting ready for a 'Midnight Sky' performance and my mom called and she didn't even have to say what had happened, I could just tell… I’ve never got in my car and left so fast in my entire life and just went and spent the week healing with my mom."

With a stroke of cartoon candor and pop culture flavor Miley is honoring the memory of her late grandmother by offering up t-shirts immortalizing the family matriarch.

She promises to donate a portion of profits to a Tennessee community group meant to help children stay in school. The organization is a tribute to Loretta Finely’s preschool teaching career and college graduation at 70-years-old.

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