Former 'Bachelorette' Hannah Brown Saves Man From Drowning While White-Water Rafting

June 16, 2020

A former "Bachelorette" star saves the day!

Hannah Brown was white-water rafting with her family when she assisted a man who had been taken by the tides.

The unnamed man's girlfriend took to Twitter with the news when she realized what had happened. "How fun Hannah Brown saved my boyfriend from drowning in the Ocoee River today," she wrote.

The woman continued to tell the story of how Brown was on the same river as them with her family when the current almost swept the woman's boyfriend away. Luckily, Brown was there to pull the man onto her raft.

"I didn't know who she was but her mom said she had just won DWTS and that she was the bachelorette!" a second tweet about the incident read.

Meanwhile, Brown's brother, Patrick, shared photos from their white-water rafting trip to Instagram. He even gave a nod to Brown's lifesaving skills. "I got to relive my lifeguard days and Hannah thinks she's apart of the Coast Guard now... #rescuemission," the caption reads.

The trip comes just weeks after Brown took to social media with an apology after using a racial slur and sparking controversy.

During an Instagram Live on May 16, Brown uttered the slur while trying to remember the moves to a TikTok dance to DaBaby's "Rockstar." Brown later took to Instagram again on May 30 to apologize for her moment of ignorance.

She revealed she had hired an "educator" and doesn't want "to be an ignorant white girl who uses the N-word."

"I have learned that there are things that I cannot say," she explained. "There is so much more historical context that I didn't know that makes it so much more inappropriate."

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