Granger Smith shares how the family's tragic loss has affected his other children

The singer opens up to Gunner and Cheyenne

October 6, 2020

Country singer Granger Smith called in to chat with RADIO.COM's Gunner & Cheyenne from Arizona’s KMLE Country to discuss his new stint of drive-in performances and his new album, Country Things Vol 1., that’s out now.

"This is a special album for me, it took a little bit to write this thing, it took a couple years.” But after “the whole world shut down,” and he was forced to stop touring and head back home, that’s when he “started writing,” and “completed the second half of the album.” He actually ended up with so much material he had to split it up with Vol. 1 out now and Vol.2 coming out at the end of November, marking his tenth and eleventh albums, after twenty years in the industry.

When speaking about his latest project, Granger, noted the importance of sequencing, putting thought behind the order of the songs, “depending on the certain vibe.” Pointing out that in today’s age with digital music, it might not be important for others to do so, but for him “it’s a lost fun art, to take people on that journey.”

Around the middle point of the interview, Gunner shared about his personal family struggles with Granger, about his youngest daughter’s cancer diagnosis and how he “ tried to envision” how it would affect the family if they were to lose her. Unfortunately, this is something Granger, has had to experience, as he and his wife Amber tragically lost their three-year-old son, River, in June of 2019 after accidentally getting into the family's swimming pool.

After thanking Gunner for his kind words, Granger opened up about how his family has been coping since the tragic accident, which isn’t something he usually discusses during interviews. Granger expressed that “everybody has their own story, everybody has their own struggle, and they don't compare or relate because we all come from different places.”

He continued on, “my kids… man, uh it’s one of those many miracles that has come to us this last year, is to see how resilient they have been.” Granger went on to admit that “they have really sad days,” that challenge both him and his wife, but they just deal with it and talk through it with them, because ultimately, what they “want and need” above all else is for them “to have a happy little childhood.”

Listen to the full interview with Granger Smith, including the special dad-to-dad conversation and so much more below.

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