San Diego County Water Authority Sponsors Switchfoot BRO-AM

By Jim Madaffer, San Diego County Water Authority

June 14, 2019

When most people think of water agencies, they probably don’t associate us with fun. We’re aiming to change that this summer by partnering with Switchfoot to sponsor the band’s annual BRO-AM beach fest, a live music and surfing event that raises money for charitable groups that serve San Diego youth. What a great way to celebrate our local communities, support the next generation of San Diegans, and share the value of water in our daily lives.

Our exciting partnership with the Grammy Award-winning rock band started last year, when lead singer and guitarist Jon Foreman joined us on a tour of the major water infrastructure projects in our region. Watch the videos here.

These water facilities are the result of everyone’s investments in a clean and reliable water supply that supports a booming $231 billion economy and our unparalleled quality of life. From the Claude “Bud” Lewis Carlsbad Desalination Plant, to the historic First Aqueduct, to the Olivenhain Dam and Reservoir, we’ve worked with our 24 member agencies to build infrastructure we can depend on. These projects were designed not only to supply water when everything is going well, but also to protect us from shortages during emergencies, such as an earthquake that interrupts imported water deliveries.

With strategic investments, we can ensure that locals and visitors from around the world enjoy everything our region has to offer for decades to come. Learn more here.

Jim Madaffer is the chair of the San Diego County Water Authority Board of Directors.